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Like its namesake, the BabyGiraffe features a strong, yet easily bendable spine that can be adjusted in almost any position.

Along with a super sturdy clamp and a quick-release clip for attaching multiple accessories.

• Attaches securely to almost any stroller, car seat, high chair, bassinet or crib.

• Can be positioned in any direction.

• Compact and portable; easily fits into diaper bag.

• Lightweight yet durable; made strong to last.

• Super-soft, easy-to-clean cover.

• Adheres to strictest safety standards.

Toy Loop

• BabyGiraffe Toy Loop Keeps babies visually stimulated, learning and engaged!

• Holds all types of hanging toys or mobiles, even with a motor.

• Can position toys anywhere, not just in front of baby's face.

• Easy to move when lifting baby in and out of crib, stroller or car seat.

• Promotes visual stimulation and hand-eye coordination.

• Prevents lost toys.


Bottle Holder

• Assists with feeding in the most natural position!

• Fits all bottle sizes and shapes

• Allows baby to naturally move in every direction while feeding.

• Holds bottle at doctor-recommended feeding angle.

• Allows baby to sit or recline.

• Follows baby's own head motion, then returns to correct position.

• Allows baby to easily latch onto and off bottle nipple.

• Teaches baby to start holding bottle on her own.

• Prevents tip-overs and dropped bottles.

Note: Do not leave baby alone while using Bottle Holder.


Safety Mirror

• Helps you monitor baby while he sees the world!

• Allows you to see outward-facing baby in stroller.

• Comforts baby to be able to see you as well

• Allows inward-facing baby to see the world ahead.

• Convex shape provides panoramic view.

• Lets you see foot and other traffic coming from behind.

• Self-reflection keeps baby engaged.

• Made of durable, yet lightweight safety plastic.


Sun Shade

• Shields baby from sun in stroller or car seat.

• Protects baby without blocking her view!

• See your baby when strolling!

• Positions better than cover or blankets.

• Easy to adjust, even while moving.

• Sturdy, compact, easy-to-use foldable design.

• High quality reflective material, blocks harmfull UV rays.

• Use anywhere where the sun shine

Baby Giraffe
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